Both these products are used by Deke McGee, one of Scotlands top saxophonists and music teachers. For more information on Deke follow this link


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Instructions on how to measure for your strap

Measure your current strap as in the images to the right. Put the length adjuster in the same position you would use while playing your instrument ( playing position). Now, as shown, lay the strap in this position along side a tape-measure and measure the strap from the top edge of the leather part to the end of the hook. Compare your measurement with the list below to find your length-group quickly and easily: CS // S // M // L // XL // or the Deluxe Bari Sax-Strap.

List of six different strap lengths


The different length-groups

  • CS curved Soprano = 45 cm
  • S short & SM short-medium = 52 cm
  • M medium = 57 cm
  • L long = 62 cm
  • XL super long = 70 cm
  • Bari Sax = 64