Both these products are used by Deke McGee, one of Scotlands top saxophonists and music teachers. For more information on Deke follow this link


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  • Richie James (Saturday, September 26 15 10:57 am BST)

    strap arrived today amazing quality the absolute perfect length must be the best sax strap you can buy

  • Andy Bald (Thursday, April 02 15 05:45 pm BST)

    This is a great strap, like most sax players I have struggled to find a strap, that you can forget about. I've had it a day and played my first 2 hour long gig last night- and no sore neck today.
    Also the metal hook seems to allow a freer sound to the instrument - not sure why, maybe sympathetic metal on metal, who knows.
    Anyway a brilliant product, highly recommended.

  • Grahame Easthope (Wednesday, April 30 14 11:57 am BST)

    Received the Cebulla strap from John at Saxstraps UK. Great service and the Cebulla is so comfortable after my previous straps. It just makes to horn feel lighter with the Cebulla strap. I'm very

  • June Steven (Monday, January 27 14 12:38 pm GMT)

    I recently purchased an Encore Light as a gift. Have purchased from Saxstraps UK before and once again was very pleased with prompt and efficient service. Husband is very pleased once again with his

  • ian mitchinson (Wednesday, June 05 13 03:32 pm BST)

    Bought one for playing bari sax- wouldn't do without it now. Need to wear a shirt with a collar on, though!

  • M. Scaglione (Wednesday, March 13 13 07:31 pm GMT)

    Hi John, I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with your strap. It is great! It really makes a difference! Wow, very comfortable. I also think it is very important in terms of reducing
    the long term health effects to the neck. I wish I would've always been playing a Cebulla strap!
    I wanted to send you and the company a big, sincere thank you! I have been recommending your strap to everyone I know and will continue to in the future. I think other, traditional straps are
    harmful. Thank you so very much!

    If you want, you can use my statements about your strap for promotional purposes. I am the saxophonist with Julio Iglesias, currently on tour in Russia, and for the previous 18 years worldwide in
    over 90 countries. I also perform with Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine since 1988, I recorded many of her hits including '1,2,3', "Get on your Feet', 'What Goes Around', 'Oye Mi
    Canto', videos, and recordings.

    After using other straps for 36 years, I wish I would've been using your strap, my neck would be in much better condition. I will be ordering your Bari strap as well!

    Thank you again, sincerely, Mike Scaglione

    On Feb 16, 2013, at 4:34 AM, John McGeechan wrote:

  • Lajo Gillette (Domino Gumbo) (Monday, February 18 13 12:30 am GMT)

    Thanks, John for your help and advice - the Cebulla strap is excellent - within minutes of hooking my tenor onto the Cebulla strap it was improving my posture and breathing - I felt that could have
    played all night - almost did!

  • Geoff Webber (Tuesday, December 18 12 07:39 pm GMT)

    Great service and a great product. John is so easy to talk to and ask advice.

    The Cebula fits my alto and tenor perfectly with no slippage unlike my old cheapie strap which slipped every 5 mins of playing.

    many thanks

  • bob marsh (Thursday, December 06 12 07:32 pm GMT)

    The Cebula deluxe brown with metal hook and wide adjuster is fantastic. It has resolved all my neck and back issues without the need for awkward harnesses.
    The adjuster is easy to use and stays in place 100% which is important as I use it for tenor, alto and sop.

    Great service from John - thanks!

  • Mark Deke McGee (Monday, December 03 12 07:56 pm GMT)

    The best strap, the best service, do your spine a favour and buy one.

  • laurence steven (Wednesday, November 28 12 10:52 am GMT)

    I recently purchased a reed geek from saxstrap UK and was very impressed with their prompt and efficient service this is my second purchase and I will definitely use them again

  • Douglas Scott (Monday, November 19 12 06:26 pm GMT)

    ordered strap on friday
    it dropped into my post saturday morning
    now thats service!
    many thanks and especially for keeping in touch throughout the order process

  • Shirley Paver (Thursday, November 08 12 01:23 pm GMT)

    Excellent, quick and helpful service and very pleased with my strap which fits my alto and tenor.

  • June steven (Monday, October 22 12 06:42 pm BST)

    I recently purchased a cebulla saxstrap as a surprise gift for my husband he is very pleased with his strap. I was very impressed with the service and will certainly use saxstrap again.

    Thank you.

  • Stewart Wilson (Sunday, October 14 12 10:40 pm BST)

    Very happy with your service and delighted with the product too.

    Will definateley do business with

    saxstraps again,thankyou,

    Stewart Wilson